The Tree of Life and Gods Answer To My Request

My sister Judy was killed in March of 1989 and after that time I had a couple of dreams that concerned her. However after my grandmother died in January of 1993 I had a┬árecurring dream where I would get to heaven and Judy would be standing by a river and she would turn and yell, “Grandma, Ronnie has come home.”

This has been a comfort in my life where I believe with all my heart that the promises of God are true, we will be together again and we will live for eternity in heaven.

This brings me to last week. I have been going through one of those times where I just need something from God. I needed to have something that would just say “I love you.” Not that I ever doubt God’s love, that’s not the case. I just needed something.

On Saturday morning of this past week, my friend Lora Terry’s mother Charlotte Lawson took her last breath here on earth and her first breath in heaven. It has been a sad but glorious time for the family who will miss her here but who know they will see her again in heaven. I went to visit with Lora, Ed, and the family on Saturday afternoon and Lora shared the following with me and it was just what I has asked for.

From Lora, “Mom told me last night, Lora I will be waiting for you by the river, under the “Tree of Life.”

Since my recent study and teaching about heaven and the New Jerusalem, I have come to believe that what the Bible is actually teaching is that heaven will someday actually be here on a renewed earth. The curse will be removed and God will restore everything back to its original design or created state. The current place where the souls of people go at their death here on earth is to “The Garden of Eden” or The New Jerusalem that will come down out of heaven at the end of time as we know it. The Tree of Life is there as seen in Revelation.

From the Book “From Eden to the New Jerusalem”

“The garden of Eden is not viewed by the author of Genesis simply as a piece of Mesopotamian farmland, but as an archetypal sanctuary, that is a place where God dwells and where man should worship Him. Many of the features of the garden may also be found in later sanctuaries, particularly the tabernacle of Jerusalem temple. these parallels suggest that the garden itself is understood as a sort of a sanctuary.”

Author’s footnote: The Tabernacle menorah (or lampstand) possibly symbolizes the tree of life (Gen 2:9; 3:22; cf. Exod 25:31-35. Arboreal decorations adorned the temple.

To sum up what I believe God gave me this past week, I believe that when I have had the dreams of Judy standing by a river, which I took to be in heaven, she was always there by a tree but I had never really thought about the tree. That tree is “The Tree of Life.” I never saw it, even when I read T. Desmond Alexanders Book “From Eden To The New Jerusalem” , I didn’t see it until Lora shared what her mother Charlotte had said to her the evening before she passed away.

Some may say it is a coincidence, I say it is just what God wanted me to see, it was the piece I was asking Him for and it is just what I needed.


Back: Judy Collins; Middle Keith Collins; Front Ronnie Collins

4 comments on “The Tree of Life and Gods Answer To My Request

  1. April 28, 2011 Lydia Leftwich

    Awesome how God works just exactly how and when we need it to reassure us isn’t it? I can only hope that since things will be renewed to their original state, that there will be some of those fantastic white peach trees that you, Keith and I used to eat off of in the orchard! What good times!
    You are an awwesome man of God Ronnie. Thanks for your insight and direction and perspective on things and for sharing this blog into your life.

  2. April 28, 2011 Kathy Lineberry

    Great picture! I remember those days and the way the house looks in the picture. I also remember playing with you guys…especially Judy. Those were the days!…Thank-you so much Ronnie for posting this picture. And by the way, I thought your testimony was Magnificent!!

  3. April 28, 2011 Sallie Marshall

    Ronnie I really reading this. Heaven is such a wonderful place and just to know we can see our loved ones again is remarkable. I remember when the three of you were this size and what beautiful children you were. I remember holding each one of you on my lap. It is wonderful to know I can see you all again in heaven.

  4. May 2, 2011 Judy Martin

    Awesome story that you’ve shared. Praise to God for answering your need and allowing you to “see it” this time around. Not only does it help you but I’m sure it’s helped Lora as well. I’m constantly amazed at how God answers our prayers through others and we need to be diligent in our work so that we can be someone else’s answer to a prayer.


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