What’s Your BHAG? The Series

What started as one stand alone message is turning into a series. It seems that God has sparked something within me (Ronnie) and that spark is happening in others as well. This Sunday we will look at the BHAG you have for your own personal life. That’s it, not the BHAG for the church just for us as individuals.

There will be something for everyone, invite your friends and your enemies! No Perfect People Allowed!

Statement from a member of 1st Hillsville-Out of the Box Worship Center

My goal is to every day pursue God, throw off the worries, anxieties, fears and anything that keeps me from God that plagued me for years and to boldly run at the “giants” in my life-to be a walking talking billboard of God’s love, forgiveness, and grace–I pray that my eyes will be open to where God is working and that I will not let old fears and worries resurface and hinder me from joining Him so that more people can see God’s love in action and hear about Jesus.

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