Thoughts on Worship Today

Wow and Awesome, what more can I say. There was a time that I was concerned about having multiple services because of the fear of not experiencing the same in both worship services. I have now decided it is a blessing that you get to experience different aspects of God at work in such a short period of time.

There were so many things that happened today that have just made me know without a doubt (not that I was doubting) that God is doing an Awesome work in the people who attend 1st Hillsville UMC-Out of the Box Worship Center.

Peoples lives are being changed. People are being set free. People are falling in love with Jesus Christ for the first time and for a second time after being in a place of distance from God.

I baptized Stephanie Hortenberry this morning. Baptism is always magical for me.

An awesome young man asked for help in understanding God’s Word better, that is HUGE!

Two awesome people gave me an unexpected hug this morning.

Several told me the message spoke directly to them this morning.

The worship was the best! We have some of the best talent but talent without heart is no good, we have both.

We have some of the most dedicated volunteer ministers (all volunteers) I have ever worked with. You don’t get a lot of recognition but you know who you are and so do I. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

239 people in worship between the two services.

18 little ones in Nursery and Toddlers, wow!

Our people live and believe that we have the right to be wrong but never the right to be mean. You are awesome!

To be called Pastor and Friend of Out of the Box Worship Center-1st Hillsville UMC is a Gift, a Prayer Answered.

God has only just begun the Revival that has been sparked in downtown Hillsville.

Pastor Ronnie


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