Financial Peace University-2 New Life Group Offerings

This is a biblically based finance class to help you get out of debt!

Preview Class-come check it out with your family!

August 23 and 24th at 6:30 PM at OOTBWC at 516 Main Street, Hillsville

This year we will offer two classes!  You need only pick the one that suits you best!  One class for two hours a week!

START DATE:            September 13-Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm


                             September 14- Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm-adults and kids!

(On Weds. evening we will offer a class for kids called Financial Peace Junior!  It’s never too early to start teaching our children about money.  The sooner they learn, the better prepared they will be!   So while Mom and Dad are in their class-the kids can be learning the same things on their level!    Donna Godwin will be teaching this class while her husband, Cort will be teaching the adult classes.  )

This course is an investment of $99.51 per family to cover all of the supplies.  This gives you a lifetime membership in FPU and you can retake the class as many times as you would like at no extra cost.  As I said, this is a wise investment in your future.  The kids class is free.  Below is a detailed list of the kit contents.

Please follow the blogpost for testimonials from previous class members, including the coordinators, Cort and Donna Godwin.  When you follow the steps, this will change the way you live and handle money!  God made us to be good stewards of his creation-including money.  See you there!!!!

Need more info?  Contact us at 1-276-766-3205- Cort & Donna Godwin

Membership Kit

Financial Peace University is a 13-week program that encourages positive behavior with accountability and support. Personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge.

  • Teaches financial responsibility with easy baby steps
  • Helps eliminate debt using the Debt Snowball method
  • Offers accountability and continued support with lifetime membership
  • Trains participants to spend every dollar on paper with the zero-based budget planner
  • Empowers people struggling with financial hardships by establishing a plan to take control of their finances

The Financial Peace University Member Kit includes:

Financial Peace University Workbook
13 life-changing lessons designed to be worth $2,000-$3,000 in information and education!

All 13 Lessons on CD
Listen to the lessons anytime, or use them as a refresher once you’ve completed the program

Dave’s best-selling book, Financial Peace Revisited
Over a million have benefited from these solid financial principles of common-sense money management

Financial Peace University Envelope System
Easy cash management envelope system

Budgeting Forms
Complete set of monthly budgeting forms and examples

UPDATED Financial Peace University Bonus CD
Includes financial calculator, screen saver and more!

Two Debit Card Holders
Helps you stop busting your budget!
Tip Cards
Easy reference guides for you to use when you go out
Member Resource Center
Information about how to get started in the MRC, a free online tool with exclusive clips, stories, assignments, forums, and much more

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