Meet a growing, ‘Facebooking’ church

I am overwhelmed with what God is doing in Hillsville Virginia. Many years of prayer and preparation, many people putting in lots of work and worship, God is working in mighty ways.

Check out this article from ReThink

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Out of the Box Worship Center in Hillsville, Va., is living up to its name. Holston Conference has labeled it “one of the fastest new-church starts in United Methodism.” So, how is this small-town church, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, growing so rapidly? Two words: social media.

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  1. August 16, 2011 Dianna Turman Flake

    What you’re doing is so awesome!!!! My dad graduated from Carroll HS in 1953, so when I saw the word Hillsville on the ReThink site, that really caught my attention.


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