Book Review – Christmas Is Not Your Birthday by Mike Slaughter

I had heard about this book and with my long time interest of celebrating Christmas the way it should be celebrated, I purchased a copy. It is a pretty quick read and one that will keep you glued to the spot. I actually bought this one for my Kindle. It is funny, as I like to highlight passages that I may want to go back and teach from, this entire book with the exception of a few pages is in yellow highlights.

Mike Slaughter takes you back to reality in this book. The fact that Jesus was born into poverty, lived in poverty, and died a horrible death on a cross. Anyone who says God wants us to always be healthy and wealthy in this lifetime just doesn’t understand. We live in a world of pain and suffering. Yes, we also live in a world where a small minority live in the lap of luxury. As a matter of fact, most of us in the United States live in luxury compared to most of the world.

If you want to understand what God celebrates at Christmas, read this book. If you want to be challenged to live differently, read this book. But, if you would rather go on living like most of the United States at this time of year and you’re more interested in the gifts you are going to receive, then don’t read this one.

I will give it 5 Stars out of 5.


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