Thoughts on Worship, November 20th – Out of the Box Worship Center

Yesterday was a picture of pure blessing. We had a crowd of people who were lifting up the name of Jesus Christ and we had a message that not only lifted up Jesus Christ, it lifted broken people out of their rut.

The worship team was “plugged in” yesterday. They always are but yesterday, wow.

One person said to me, “When I come to worship there at OOTBWC, I feel like The Holy Spirit comes and sits on my shoulder, wow. I understand that feeling. 

Pastor Ronnie

The following posts are from twitter and facebook and are thoughts, comments,and observations from out two worship services yesterday. Enjoy…

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 “God breathed the breath life into you.Every time you breathe in or breathe out, you breathe the breath of God.” Bishop James Swanson

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 Listening to Bishop Swanson’s sermon from this morning with Misty. She and Judah have been sick all day. Awesome message…

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 The worship service at out of the box worship center this morning was simply amazing. blog post later

RT @jakeworrell8 I was hoping Bishop Swanson would do his James Earl Jones impression.#success #epic #ootbwc

JaeSeaTea J. Caleb Taylor Bishop freaking Swanson is the MAN.

thegingerrkidd Corynn Godwin Thank you, Bishop Swanson, you amazing man,…

Devon L.J.: The service this morning at OOTBWC was incredible in all aspects. I’m so glad I didn’t miss it! #ootbwc

Emily Worrell: Church was GREAT!!! 😀 <3 #ootbwc

TheGuyOfGod Evan Nester Never curse yourself with the same breath God breathed into you. You are fearfully, wonderfully, and beautifully made. #ootbwc

Keith Musser: Remember who you are for you are special. #ootbwc

ChansMan4 Jarrett Combs That was one awesome service!! #blessed

fumcoutofthebox FUMC Downtown Let heaven roar, let fire fall. Come shake the ground with the sounds of revival. #ootbwc

JaeSeaTea J. Caleb Taylor My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive and He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion #ootbwc

jhholderfield Jacob Holderfield I freaking love my church!

thegingerrkidd Corynn Godwin I love this place more every time i come. #ootbwc

jhholderfield Jacob Holderfield Grrreat service at #ootbwc this morning! And the bishops speaking! #heckyes #ilovemychurch

sing4god Molly Williams Me and Lauren are watching the bishop preach from his cell phone. Whoa.

jhholderfield Jacob Holderfield I love to watch my Granny sing at #ootbwc, it’s so awesome! #ilovemychurch

TheGuyOfGod Evan Nester Never curse yourself with the same breath God breathed into you. You are fearfully, wonderfully, and beautifully made. #ootbwc

RT @BrendaG074 God was cooking & Bishop Swanson served God’s Word in His House today-Hearts were filled! Time to pour them out to the world

fumcoutofthebox FUMC Downtown Bringin the house down!

jjholderfield2 Jay Holderfield Man, Out Of The Box Worship Center is rockin this morning!

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 “How dare you curse yourself with the very breath God gave you.” Bishop Swanson

Bean1858 Brandon Winesett #ThatAWESOMEmomentwhen you realize nobody cares that you just drank from a juice pouch on stage, because you’re at #OOTBWC #ilovemychurch

fumcoutofthebox FUMC Downtown You are precious & dear. You are a piece of God’s plan to change this world. #ootbwc. Look in the mirror! You are His.

airoler07 April Iroler Bishop Swanson this mornin at ootbwc bringing the house down! God is living and breathing in his house this morning!

RT @airoler07 We are special in the eyes of the Lord. We are ALL his favorites! #ootbwc

fumcoutofthebox FUMC Downtown God is willing to go to ANY degree to prove His love for us. -Bishop Swanson #ootbwc

fumcoutofthebox FUMC Downtown You are precious & dear. You are a piece of God’s plan to change this world. #ootbwc. Look in the mirror! You are His.

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 RT @airoler07 It doesnt matter who you are, what you are, or what color you are God loves you for you. He made you and God doesnt make junk.

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 268 awesome worshipers @ Out of the Box Worship Center today. #ootbwc

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 “We serve a God who loved us enough to march into hell and deliver us from hell.” Bishop Swanson #ootbwc

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 “You are special and God wants to change the world with you.” Bishop Swanson

jjholderfield2 Jay Holderfield Like A Lion, Hosanna, Our God Saves, Mighty To Save, How He Loves, Happy Day #WorshipSet #sundaysetlists #ootbwc

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 Bishop James Swanson is preaching for the first time ever at Out of the Box Worship Center this morning.

ronnie24317 ronnie24317 Who is coming to OOTBWC in the am? It is going to be fun and life changing, Bishop Swanson will be preaching @ 9 & 1030am Downtown, be there

Here is a post from one of out teens at OOTBWC who blogs.

Today has just really reminded me of what’s really important. This morning, Bishop Swanson visited and talked about Jesus’ crucifixion. I grew up in church, and I’ve heard this story so much I can recite it in my sleep. But the bishop, this big, black, booming man, told it so beautifully. He used vocabulary and analogies and dialogue that I have never heard with this story before. It made me cry. I don’t cry. I never cry. Especially not in front of people. He said this:

“In this cruel world full of hatred and deceit and Godless people, they were killing Him. They drove spikes through His hands and stuck Him in a hole in the ground so that all His weight – and ours – rested on those hands. They gave Him vinegar when He was thirsty, mocked Him, and thrust a sword in his side. And He still looked up to Heaven, and said with everything in Him, ‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do.’”

One tear fell, and I closed my eyes and just listened. It was so beautiful to hear that story from that man in that way.

The bishop also talked about the fact that we’re all special and individual, as hard as that is to believe, and that God loves each and every one of us. I mean, that just blows my mind. It’s so crazy, and that’s what makes it amazing. And I mean, yeah, that is totally and completely hard to believe, but that’s where faith steps in. And believe me, it’s a big step.

The bishop’s words that will stick with me forever were these: “Look around, and know you’re loved.” That just brings me to my knees, and may possibly save me one day. Thank you, Bishop Swanson, you amazing man, you.

Corynn Godwin

Thank you First United Methodist Church for having the faith and the burden to plant OOTBWC as a way to reach broken people and lead them back to Christ.

Thank you Holston Conference and Wytheville District for believing in and investing in us.

Thank you Volunteers in Ministry who work so hard every week without pay and without fanfare to make OOTBWC happen. You know who you are, every one of you!

Thank you Members and attenders who have responded to God’s Word and you are giving and tithing to make OOTBWC happen.

Thank you Bishop Swanson for touching our lives by which Holy Spirit touched our lives yesterday. But wait, He touched us yesterday but the effects will carry us through the storms.

Thank you God for making dreams come true for so many people, for answering prayers, for healing broken people and drawing us back to you.

Pastor Ronnie

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