Book Review: Stupid Christmas

This book read like an episode of “Stupid Criminals” for the most part but it was a quick read with a few little nuggets that I can use. I picked this one up for free on Kindle. I am doing 2 different sermon series for Christmas and I really wanted to see what this book had to offer. There was very little historical value but a lot of crazy, silly, and stupid things people have done around the Christmas Holiday. Not surprisingly, it confirmed what I already know, “people celebrate Christmas as a time for more of me and not more for Jesus”, even Christians.

I will share a couple of things I found interesting and say if you can get it free it is good for a few laughs, I wouldn’t spend much money on it.


“GPS: God’s Positioning System I think it’s because Jesus is small enough to take,” said John Bonde, director of operations for Wellington, Florida. “Everything else is too big.” That’s why the town has outfitted their Nativity scene figurines with GPS tracking devices, the Palm Beach Post reported on December 13, 2008. The previous year, an eighteen-year-old woman snatched Jesus but was quickly tracked down because of the device. She was originally charged with felony theft, but the town dropped the charges so the woman could join the U.S. Marine Corps.”

“Trees a Crowd Bren Knox of Trinity, North Carolina, has sixty-one Christmas trees in her house, each decorated with a different theme. Knox told WFMY-TV on December 16, 2008, that she started the collection eleven years before when her daughter wanted a separate Christmas tree in her room while Knox was out of town on business. From there, said Knox, her family trees kept multiplying. “When people hear how many trees I have in my home, they think I’m crazy,” the mother of two said. Knox occasionally offers an open house to collect canned food items that she then donates to the Salvation Army.”

“Xing Out Christmas You would think that the Puritans, who were known for their religious fervor, must have loved Christmas …but they didn’t. In fact, they passed a law in 1659 outlawing the celebration of Christmas. A five-shilling fine was levied against anyone “found observing, by abstinence from labor, feasting or any other way, any such days as Christmas day.” They considered Christmas “an extreme forgetfulness of Christ, by giving liberty to carnal and sensual delights.” For Puritans, they sure talked about sex a lot, didn’t they?”

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