Book Review: Radical Fasting by Dave Williams


This is my second book by Dave Williams. Two years ago I read “The Miracle Results Of Fasting” by Dave and that was a recommendation from my family physician. Both of these books are great resources. As with many authors that I read, I do not agree with everything that is in the book. There are times in the book where Williams stretches the interpretation of scripture further than I am willing to go. (Still a great book and worth reading)

We always have to take what we can use and ignore the rest or wrestle with it.

Here are some things that I really like in the book.

“What if I could show you something that would bring radical blessings to your life; something that would cost you nothing and be harmless to others? Something that would:

• Guarantee your success in getting rid of bad habits

• Help you to receive revelations from God

• Speed answers to prayers

• Rejuvenate your health

• Give you longer life

• Help you lose weight

• Slow the aging process

• Eliminate allergies

• Increase your energy level

• Give you mental clarity

• Break demonic forces

• Give you spiritual power

Williams backs up everything here with scripture and in relating stories from people who have experienced all of these things. There are so many proven benefits of fasting and yet we ignore them. The health benefits alone are worth the effort to fast but the spiritual benefits are even greater. I like what Williams says in the book, “What have you got to lose besides a few pounds.”

It is so important to have encouragement if you are going to fast, especially for an extended fast of a week, 21 days, or 40 days. This is one item of encouragement that you can add to your library.

Williams makes a point of saying that when scripture says we should comb our hair and wash our face while fasting, it is talking about the fact that fasting will put a sparkle in our eyes and give us a much healthier look, looking disheveled would only be to try and make people notice us. When in fact they will notice that we look more healthy.

The author make a point worth noting, in early writings it is evident that Christian people lived a “fasted life.” In other words, it wasn’t something they did every once in a while, it was something they practiced on a regular basis. Many Christians fasted Wednesdays and Fridays every week with other special days of longer fasts.

Fasting is a discipline that God gave to us as a gift and most don’t realize it.

Williams quotes research and studies from one particular medical doctor, “Otto Buchinger, M.D”, you can google his name and find a bunch of helpful information. Enjoy

Otto Buchinger, M.D., founded the famous Buchinger clinics in Europe that have had incredible success in curing people. Dr. Buchinger says that fasting is without a doubt “the most effective biological method of treatment.” He calls it, “the operation without surgery” because it re-attunes, relaxes, and purifies our systems.


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