Book Review: Embraced by the Spirit, by Chuck Swindoll

If you are truly and completely fulfilled in your spiritual life, seldom frustrated, and rarely dissatisfied, this book is not for you. No need to read this book. However if you are like most Christians and knowing there has to be more to the Christian life than what you are experiencing, then you can benefit from reading this book. I picked this one up because of an article by Swindoll in a recent issue of Preaching Magazine.

I have not listened to Swindoll much in the past 10 years but I cut my Christian teeth on his teaching and his books were some of the first ones I fell in love with. His writing style is not my favorite at this point in my life but this is a great book. It is solid and it dispels a lot of what people claim in the name of Holy Spirit these days.

“Aha! Jesus promised them that His replacement would be “another Helper.” Namely, the Holy Spirit. And when that other Helper came, He would become an integral part of their lives. He would reside within them. Unlike Jesus, who had only been with them, He (the Spirit) would be in them. Huge difference! Not too many days hence, when the Spirit arrived, He would slip inside them and live within them forever. No more temporary companionship; the Spirit’s presence would be (and still is) a permanent presence. It had never been like that before. Not even in the lives of those Old Testament greats. But from now on … yes!”

In the book Chuck addresses all aspects of Holy Spirit and His work in and through the Christian. He is God with us, at all times and in all places. He also addresses healing as taught in the scriptures and some misnomer’s people have today about what James meant when he said confess your sin, be anointed and you will be healed. Really great teaching.



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