Book Review: Real Church in a Social-Network World by Leonard Sweet


Great Book. Leonard Sweet starts the book by asking the question, “What’s more real: Sunday Church or Virtual Community?”

He moves from there and takes a look at a lot of the “stuff” that we do in church services and asks the hard questions of why we do them. He in the end says that he was the one throwing rocks at the social network advocates but if you throw rocks now, he will be one of the ones who is hit. This is a very real, common sense look at the fact we live in a social networked world and this is real life in 2012.

We cannot deny it any longer. It reminds me of the KJV only debate. If you debate that Social Networking is bad and refuse to join in the conversation and te “connectedness”, you will simply lose out on ministering to the world today.

Great read and he has a new one coming out soon as a follow-up, can’t wait to read it.


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