“Called” A Gift To College Students from Pastor Ronnie


We have a large number of College Students who are part of Out Of The Box, Out Of The Box Worship Center, and First Hillsville UMC. We are blessed with youth and young adults.

In the past semester, several students have contacted me with questions that are “Good Questions.” They are questions about God’s Call on Your Life, about decisions you’re having to make, about life choices. Great Questions!

Here is my Gift to you and it is a Gift of my time. For 2013 I have created a group “Called” that is the name of the group. We have all been Called by God but we have been Called in different ways. We have all been Called to be “The Light to the World” but when it comes to the service we will do in this world, it is different for every one of us. For some we have a multi-Calling on our lives. Actually probably all of us do. But for some that means two vocations that work together for what God wants us to accomplish in this life.

First and foremost, God Calls us to be Close to Him. The greatest thing you and I can do for others is to have a close “Abiding” relationship with our Creator.

You can go here to join the Facebook group I have created for us to communicate as a Community. “Called” A Community of College Students

Beginning in 2013 I will post a weekly devotion just for this group. We will struggle with what exactly it is God has Called and is Equipping you to do in this Life. You can post in community so that everyone can benefit or you can private message me with questions, concerns, or whatever may be on your mind.

For those students who sign up, I am making it my goal to visit your college campuses in 2013 and spend some time with you in groups. I plan to buy dinner for each one of you at some point during the year, everybody loves a free meal. But that’s not the important part. The important part is this, I want you to be assured that you have a confidant in your pastor, someone you can share your heart with and not fear rejection. There isn’t much you could tell me that would shake me so try me. I will pray for you daily and I will communicate with you weekly. You will have my contact information if you need me, just ask.

You will be able to be as active as you like, it’s up to you. Let’s connect and together we can connect with God to see just what it is He is “Calling” each of us to do to make a difference in this world.


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  1. December 19, 2012 Mary Anne Hall

    Ronnie, what an encouragement to our kids!! Thanks for all you do for them!


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