A New Tool In The Tool Box


No, I do not have a new toy, I have a new tool in the tool box.

I get a lot of criticism for using the cell phone, texting, and social media as much as I do but it doesn’t bother me any more.

Rick Warren is someone who I respect a lot and he says the best way to silence your critics is to “Out Serve, Out Love, and Our Fruit your critics.” I like that and to my critics I would just say, speak with those that I minister to, the high school students, college students, and adults and ask them how much it means to them to have a pastor who stays in touch and is responsive when they have a need.

That said, let me tell you why I switched phones. I was using my second Android, the Motorola Electrify and I was very satisfied with it, with the exception of the short battery life. I usually unplug from the charger between 5 and 6am and by noon that phone was in need of a charge. It never failed when I would get in a meeting the battery would die. I have gotten use to having an extra charger in my bag and one in every vehicle, just to have battery in emergencies. That has been very frustrating.

The only reason I was tempted to switch was the supposed longer battery life with the Motorola Razor M. I unplugged from the charger at 6am today and 12 hours later I still have 40% battery. Eureka!

I post a lot on twitter and facebook.

I receive approximately 100 emails every day and respond to half of those on average.

I send and receive 20 to 40 text messages a day and many times more.

I pastor a congregation of around 300 active worshipers.

I pastor a much larger group of people through social media.

My phone is a tool of Ministry.

After One Day, I Can Recommend This Phone. Based on the ease of switching and the length of the battery life, I’m impressed. I did however purchase a Universal Portable Power Pack that will likely still be a big support. I spend a lot of time on this device and every bit of extended battery life is appreciated. By the way, the phone has other respectable features that I will learn to appreciate, it is faster and the screen is great.


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