Day 6 of 40 Day Fast 2012

Today has probably been one of the most difficult but good days. I have wanted to eat more today than any one so far. During the night I had 2 dreams and both of the involved food. The first was one where I gave in and ate and it was food that I would never choose in an ordinary situation. The second dream was where I was running a restaurant and the food we were preparing was seafood, the┬ádeep fryers we used were as big as swimming pools and the fish was big as humans. I can’t help but believe these relate to the power that food has over us, at least here in America today.

So many people across this world are starving and we have more than enough to feed them yet they go unfed. I wonder if they had adequate food if they too would have the trend of obesity that we have in America. I am guessing they would because we tend to abuse everything. We always want more of a good thing or what appears to be good to us.

I have asked myself today, “Is the price too much to pay?” “Have I bit off more than I can chew?” “Am I crazy for doing this?”

Of course the answers are No, No, and No.

I desire more than anything in this world a closer walk with my Creator, my Savior, and my Lord. I desire more than anything in this world, that God will show Himself strong, in a wave of people coming to know Jesus Christ but, not ont only coming to know Him, to pick up their crosses and follow Him. I don’t know too many people today who are more involved and devoted to following Him than they are to other things in this world.

It is my prayer during this time that God will break the hearts of the people around me and people who I come in contact with, to make changes in they way they live. This starts in my own immediate family and spreads all around.

Is it too high a price, I sure hope not. I have given my life to follow God. I have sacrificed my income, my time, my energy, and my talent to serving Him and I believe it is worth every sacrifice. What is 40 days, when I know that all through the Bible people fasted and prayed and God responded. What is 40 days if we believe the Bible is true and I certainly believe that it is, Jesus said when the bridegroom was no longer on earth the people would fast. What is 40 days in a year of 365?

It may just be 40 days that change the rest of my life here on earth and for eternity in Heaven!

I believe that God is God. I believe that God used Moses to lead his people out of slavery and through the desert for 40 years and then into the promised land. I believe that God spoke to Moses and gave him the 10 commandments while Moses was fasting for 40 days on the mountain. I believe that God parted the sea, I believe that God caused the walls of Jericho to fall down, I believe that God can do anything. And this is why I do not believe the 40 days is a waste of time, energy and effort. I am asking God to do miracles and I am expecting them to happen. I want to be ready when the windows of heaven open and the move of God happens.

I believe after all is said and done, this wasn’t the hardest day but maybe the most fruitful.


Weight 203.6 Pounds

I walked 5 Miles Today

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